Nine innings of wireless wonder: Target Field “Twi-Fi”

The spring-season arrival of Target Field’s Wi-Fi network has hit a home run with social media, texting, email and smartphone addicts all over Minnesota.

The network, cleverly known as “Twi-Fi,” allows fans to follow Twins bloggers and writers during the game, enter Target Field Twitter contests, upload Facebook videos of the on-field action and send photos of the beautiful skyline to jealous onlookers.

A self-proclaimed social media/smartphone addict myself, I made it my mission to make the most of the new Twi-Fi during my last trip to the greatest stadium in North America.

My first mission upon entering Target Field: Find the food. During its inaugural season, the ballpark pulled out all the stops to ensure that the atmosphere looked, smelled and tasted like Minnesota, offering Kramarczuk’s pork sausages, Murray’s Restaurant steak sandwiches and Angie’s Kettle Corn, to name a few. Curious to find out if Target Field offered any new food this year, I sent a tweet to @MinnesotaTwins and asked for some #newfoodsuggestions. Just an inning later, I received the following response:

Impressed by the response time and suggestions (the Minneapple Pie really IS a #homeyum), I felt encouraged and excited to continue on with my Twi-Fi adventure.

Next on my list: Make a big-screen appearance. This opportunity presented itself when fans were invited to take a picture and send it to for a chance to get on the big screen (my brother and I took our chances with the photo to the right). Although we didn’t quite make it all the way up there (we decided bunny ears, in honor of Easter, would have sealed the deal), it was fun to see our picture posted on the FanChatter website.

As the seventh-inning stretch neared, my last Twi-Fi opportunity scrolled across the big screen: Tweet your pick for #playerofthegame for the chance to win a $50 gift card to Sports Authority. Kubel’s seventh-inning, two-run double to pull the Twin’s ahead for their first series win of the season made my #playerofthegame choice a piece of Minneapple pie. The following morning, the @MinnesotaTwins tweeted me with a surprise:

After a solid nine innings of wireless wonder, my Twi-Fi adventure hit my expectations right out of the ballpark. Although I did come across a couple of Target Field “dead zones,” I was thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of the wireless connection and the high-level of fan engagement.

What do all of you other Twins fans think? Has Twi-Fi lived up to your expectations?

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